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Injector Decarbonisation Service

Injector Max machine Machine ConnectedThe injectors in your car are constantly in use injecting fuel into the combustion chambers of the engine, over time they become contaminated with burnt on residue and can clog up reducing fuel economy, power and eventually needing expensive replacement.

The Fortron Injector Max machine used in Martin Motors can clean these residues from the injectors and combustion chamber meaning more efficient use of fuel and smoother running / starting.

The process involves disconnecting the fuel supply and allowing the machine to take over fueling the engine with the system (Petrol or Diesel) cleaner being injected under pressure directly into the injector rail. The engine is allowed to run on the cleaner until the cycle is complete. The time taken to achieve this depends on the general fuel economy of the vehicle but generally takes about 40 - 60 minutes.


Customer Testimonial

Andy from Ards:

"I had the Injection Cleaner / Decarbonising service at Martin Motors in December 2015, I had been looking at a number of providers of similar services and while Im sure they are all very good I trust Marty and his boys having had my cars maintained by them for quite a few years, I know if there was any risk the service would not have been carried out and any damage would have been corrected. Something I couldnt be sure of with other companies. I had tried redex and similar treatments with no real improvement.

My car is a 2000 Audi A4 TDI with over 200000 miles on the clock (and the injectors!) mpg had started to fall and she was a bit agricultural when starting on cold mornings. When I arrived at the garage Mark disconnected the fuel pipes at the filter and checked that the pipes where the correct ones, he then joined two pipes together in order to keep the fuel pump and car ecu running as normal. The machine was then connected to the in and out lines at the injectors and the cleaner added to the machine. The machine was pressurised and the car started. The pressure on the machine was adjusted to ensure good flow with no leaks. Once he was happy, Mark allowed the car to run and performed the occassional reving to open up the injectors. For the first ten minutes or so there was some smoke out of the exhaust then all ran clear. After about 45 minutes the cleaner had all ran through, Mark disconnected the machine and reconnected the fuel system, once he was happy I was on my way. It is now January and the mpg has improved by about 5 mpg on my normal work run, on longer runs I have seen it climb as high as 56 mpg - unheard of before! Car now starts cleanly no matter how cold the weather and is running smoother with less smoke and more power. I would recommend this to anyone"

Andy sent us a couple of pics of his mpg before and after