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Martin Motors are here to help you make sure that your vehicle is fully prepared for its MOT.  Unfortunately there is a tendency to have your vehicle checked annually for an MOT and then forget about any further maintenance through out the next 12 months.

Our MOT preparation centre will be able to carry out various significant checks to determine if your vehicle requires any pre MOT work to make sure that you pass first time avoiding being inconvenienced by having to return your vehicle again after the repairs have been carried out.

A good MOT preparation centre like ourselves will go through some very stringent checks and make you aware of any issues arising from that inspection that may be a potential issue when the vehicle undergoes its official MOT test.

There are some very simple things that a vehicle may fail its MOT like a faulty indicator or a worn tyre.  These things can be eliminated by our pre MOT check preventing you from not having the use of your vehicle until your car is road worthy again.
As we have extensive knowledge and experience with MOT preparation, we can spot the issues before you encounter any problems during or after the test helping you to have as little inconvenience as possible.

At Martin Motors, our MOT preparation centre is fully equipped with the latest equipment to help diagnose any problems where we can fix those problems on the spot. Not all problems are so simple, but we will endeavour to fix them as swiftly as possible.


If you would like to book your vehicle into our MOT preparation centre to make sure that you pass your MOT first time, then please make sure to call us on 028 9187 4529 to arrange a convenient time.